all the other continents watch in envy as we engage in our annual gay off

Oh, yes! It’s the Eiffel Tower. I keep forgetting it’s there.
Every year they remind me."
— Graham Norton on France (via lucysaxonbooks)
My Moustache is crying"
— French commentator (via cheeseandapplepie)
This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom, you know who you are. We are unstoppable"
— Conchita Wurst - Queen of Europe (via scphia)
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a transgender woman just won eurovision song contest

welcome to europe

I am so embarrassed right now haha

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sorry about the invading your country thing, here’s seven points"
— Russia to Ukraine (via ridesme)
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  • graham norton about the french commentator: she speaks great french
A bit Hunger Games and a bit Game of Thrones"
— the italian commenters (via warash)


Despite all the quick song summaries, when it’s time for everyone to announce their points, I can barely connect the countries to all songs I’ve heard, so those are my quick notes to remember this year’s entries:

  1. ukraine - human hamster wheel
  2. belarus - robin thicke cheesecake
  3. azerbaijan - melisandre
  4. iceland - important teletubbies
  5. norway - actually good ballad
  6. romania - it’s the age of miracles saturn
  7. armenia - rock ‘n roll dubstep
  8. montenegro - the figure skater distraction
  9. poland - making butter with boobs
  10. greece - erectile dysfunction on a trampoline
  11. austria - queen conchita
  12. germany - p!nk with an accordion
  13. sweden - drama queen
  14. france - moustache pain
  15. russia - underage mirror mirror
  16. italy - a caesar no one would dare to stab
  17. slovenia - blue goth opera
  18. finland - tveit joins coldplay
  19. spain - singin’ high notes in the rain
  20. switzerland - whistling lovechild of roman lob and alexander rybak
  21. hungary - melodramatic dude with a message
  22. malta - mumford and sons 2.0
  23. denmark - bruno mars joins the 90’s lalalalala theme
  24. the netherlands - crowley and forrest gump’s jenny on a love boat
  25. san marino - titanic wedding ballad
  26. united kingdom - power to the children of the uk
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